Garden Bridge Abandoned

“A £200m plan to build a bridge covered with trees over the River Thames in central London has officially been abandoned.

The Garden Bridge Trust said it had failed to raise private funds since losing the support of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan in April.

It comes after a review of the project recommended it be scrapped.

At least £37.4m of public funds has already been spent on the project and a further £9m is at risk.

In total, an estimated £46.4m of taxpayers’ money – calculated as direct grants of about £26m from the Department of Transport (DfT), around £11m in services in kind from Transport for London (TfL) and the remainder in cancellation costs – has been spent, according to the review by Dame Margaret Hodge.” — BBC News website

Stop!… <<rewind<<…

“£37.4m of public funds has already been spent”… Soooo let me get this right. Absolutely no construction has taken place and no final decision to actually start the project had been taken until now and they’ve already spent £37.4m plus a possible additional £9m. On what exactly? Are they taking the f*cking p*ss or something?

One thing’s for sure… somebody has lined their pockets from this fiasco!

Rant over.

Spider-Man Homecoming / Doctor Strange

I enjoyed both of these films but felt neither were particularly great. Are we suffering from an overdose of Marvel super heroics these days?

In my opinion Spider-Man was the superior of the two mainly because Michael Keaton was in it and played an understandably p*ssed off Vulture. What I didn’t like was Peter Parker’s hi tech Stark designed costume. Spider-Man should be more basic in the equipment stakes! Having said all that it was an entertaining enough flick.

Doctor Strange felt a bit rushed and nicked it’s imagery from Inception. Again it was okay but at no time did I feel wow that’s great. All the characters felt underdeveloped (except for Strange himself). I think the problem was at no time did you feel he was under threat. And he certainly picked up his sorcerous powers dead quick!

Do things feel a bit sloppy with the stories / plots?


Rating: 7.5/10 for Spider-Man Homecoming

Rating: 7/10 for Doctor Strange

New Bake Off

I love this extract from a news article on the BBC website about Prue Leith who replaces Mary Berry on the new Great British Bake Off.

“Restaurateur and broadcaster Leith – renowned for her no-nonsense attitude as a judge on The Great British Menu – was subsequently announced as Berry’s replacement.

Asked if the show, with its abundance of cakes and biscuits, fitted with her healthy eating ideals, Leith told the Sunday Times: “I really thought twice about accepting Bake Off… but I reasoned that, actually, baking is the best way to get people into general cooking.”


It was a cut of the £25,000,000 that Channel Four stumped up for the show that settled it for you! “I really thought twice about accepting”… Go pull the other one!

Rant over.

Pooh Bear… Banned

“Pictures of Winnie the Pooh have been banned on Chinese social media in a clamp down on politically-sensitive references to the lovable little bear.

Authorities have deleted online comments referencing ‘Little Bear Winnie’ – Pooh’s Chinese name – leaving users with error messages telling them, “This content is illegal’.” — Daily Mirror website.

The other day it was Justin Bieber now it’s Winnie The Pooh.

WTF!… what is wrong with the Chinese?

How can anyone sane find Pooh Bear, a lovable character in children’s books offensive?

I am speechless!

Rant over.

Bieber Banned

"Chinese officials said last week that the Canadian pop star had been banned from mainland China because he had engaged in what they described as "bad behaviour"." — BBC News website.

Not that I could remotely give a toss about Justin Bieber but that is a bit f*cking rich coming from a country notoriously known for it's lack of human rights!

Rant over.

BBC Rich List

I wonder how many of the BBC’s top “stars” cringed when their salaries were revealed to the general public?

Probably not a lot because I reckon you have to have a mile high ego to appear regularly on TV anyway. And I’m sure they revel in a bit of publicity.

A couple of points that perplexed me was how much some unexpected people were paid… I mean Claudia Winkleman “earns” somewhere between £450,000 and £500,000 – for doing what exactly? Also the highest paid actor is the bloke who plays Charlie in Casualty who pockets up to £400,000. I mean you cannot say he is exactly a great actor… can you?

I thought this following extract from the BBC News website was amusing…

“BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast’s Rachel Burden, who co-presents with Nicky Campbell (who’s in the £400,000 – 449,999 bracket), was under no obligation to reveal her salary as it falls below the £150,000 threshold.

But she tweeted: “Whilst we’re in the transparency game, and for those asking, I fall in the middle of the 100-150k category.

“This is a huge amount of money for a job I love doing five days a week, and I know what a privilege it is to be able to say that.

“Also worth saying we have a brilliant team of journalists on far, far less than that who we totally rely on and I’m so grateful to them.”

I mean lets totally rub the noses of the plebs who do all the donkey work for you and at the same time let everyone know you earn considerably less than your co-host. I mean as subtle as a brick!

But the fact that eclipses this whole story and puts all of it into perspective is where Ant & Dec would feature.

“Well, they’ve certainly done very well for themselves since they left the BBC in 2000. According to The Sun, they earned £29.5m in 12 months. This would exceed the entire bill for the 96 personalities listed in the report – whose combined salaries were £28.7m.”

And they are worth every penny… NOT!

Rant over.

Want to work for B&Q?… Only imbeciles need apply!

I always dread it when I have to venture inside a B&Q store.

Actually the same applies to Homebase and Wickes… they are just sh*t places to shop. You have to be on guard when you’re in there. Everything is priced incorrectly and inconsistently and I guarantee when you go to pay there will be a discrepancy with what you think the total bill should come to.

But the worst thing is the staff!

You couldn’t recruit a slower bunch of f*ckwits even if you tried. It is simply exasperating. Everytime you feel like you have picked the wrong queue because ALWAYS the person in front of you has a query which causes the monkey serving them to wander off for a supervisor. Every bloody time!

Today I had to return an item that didn’t fit where it was supposed to fit and because I had opened the packaging (God forbid) the stupid f*ck serving me considered that he couldn’t refund me because of opening the packaging. Then in response to me getting annoyed at him because I was facing the prospect of wasting £20 he got a bit shirty. “No need to be like that”. There was good reason to be like that – it wasn’t his £20. Anyway he wandered off got the supervisor who eventually relented and gave me a credit note for £18.

A totally unnecessary experience from a company that has zero customer service.

B&Q… you are sh*t

Rant over.